Trying Out New Mediums

When I commit art, I've pretty much used airbrush acrylic or scratchboard as my mediums of choice. While I love both of them, when I want to do painting, my airbrush situation is far from idea. [...]

Theme Updating

I'm currently in the process of changing this site's theme. I didn't tend to every page, so some might be a little wonky for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Cutting Quills

Just cutting some quills for pens. You know, like you do.

CJCS Video: Making Guide Sheets with Inkscape

One of the requests people make after watching one of my handwriting videos is for guide sheets so they can practice. Since everyone has their own person preferences on this, not to mention wanting to [...]

First-time Quill Experience

I had never used a quill pen. Despite having dabbled and practiced with calligraphy since I was a teen some mumblemumble years ago, my experience was pretty much limited to dip pens with metal nibs and [...]

CJCS Video: CJ Roundhand Writing Demo

After I posted a popular video on how to Improve Your Cursive Handwriting, I got a number of comments asking for a sample page of my everyday writing script, so I created a video for [...]