• CJCS Video: CJ Roundhand


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    After I posted a popular video on how to Improve Your Cursive Handwriting, I got a number of comments asking for a sample page of my everyday writing script. Because of other projects, it took a while; but with those finished, I finally got a chance to put a video and sample sheet together. And… Read more »

  • Android Me On Sale


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    “The time has come,” our CJ said, “To talk of publishment: Of tales, and sales, and tech travails, Of books, both e- and print…” It’s time, folks. Android Me is now officially available for sale. For now, the book is available only at Amazon (in the US and other countries) in both print and Kindle editions (click… Read more »

  • My Fountain Penning Daily Lineup

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    I like writing with fountain pens — which I’ve written about before. I like the old-school quality that makes me feel connected to a nib & ink tradition that spans millennia. I like the variety of inks. I like that the ease of writing means a carpal tunnel flair-up is less likely than with other types of pens, pencils, and even keyboards.

    On the various social networks, I’m sometimes asked what I use (especially when I do videos). As you can imagine, what I use varies quite a bit, but I do have my everyday items as well as my go-tos that for one reason or another aren’t quite in the everyday category.

  • Android Me Read-aloud-through


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    Android Me is in the home stretch before typesetting. I’m currently doing the read-aloud-through, which is like a read-through except I,  you know, do it out loud. Think of it as an audio book but with (lots of) editing. When it comes to prose, I’ve considered myself a storyteller. That means thinking of a story… Read more »

  • Android Me Inching Closer


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    A quick update on Android Me. The latest draft of the novel is now in the realm of the readers. My expectation is that this is the last distribution before I hunker down to the publishing side of things. This means committing to a cover design, and then typesetting the manuscript. This is the part of… Read more »