Quiet But Busy

I noticed that I’ve been particularly lax about posting here. Even during slow periods I try to put up a monthy update. When I get busy with various projects, my websites tend to be the ones to suffer the most. It’s not that I don’t check in. It’s more a case of priorities-of-the-moment.

QSS-Cover-02_01-280The selfish reason for shifting my time elsewhere was my decision to resurrect my novel Que Será Serees from its years-long purgatory. I spent time tweaking what I previously thought was finished text. Once that was situated, I turned my attention to making it suitable for Kindle and also for print. That not only meant typesetting but also designing the cover art. As I write this, I’m awaiting the proofs for the print edition. While the Kindle edition is ostensibly ready to go, I’m holding off its release until I get through the proof. I very much want any changes I make to be reflected in both editions. I’m still targeting an early May release date.

Outside of that project, I’ve been helping a few other writers with their projects–sometimes as a reader, sometimes as a doctor. It’s usually interesting, but in some cases can be extremely time-consuming. I still have one project to get to that had the misfortune of ending up on the bottom of the slush pile. Timing can make the difference between me getting back to you in a week or a couple of months. (So you know, these are all people that I have previous writing relationships with.)

As for art…well, other than the book covers I really haven’t done anything new, and I don’t have anything in the pipeline. While both writing and art exercise the ol’ creative muscles, they are sufficiently different that it’s pretty much one or the other. While I’m in the limbo-time of developing the next writing project, art will probably get committed–so stay tuned for that.

That’s about it. I have one critique left to do, the novel releases, and then we’ll all be surprised together.

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