Welcome to the New Site

It seems I’ve gone and created yet another website.

website-280I thought about creating a writing site years ago. When I built the CJ’s Creative Studio site, I did it with the intention of it hosting both by art and writing posts. It didn’t take long to realize that it was really more of an art site with writing sort of shoved in the corner. I also had a lot of writing posts over on T I B, but in the noise of the brain flood that happens over there, I’m afraid that they mostly got buried in the torrent of words.

I made this site for two reasons: 1) to bring together all my various writing threads and interests; and 2) have a single site where people can visit and see what I’ve been writing.

In addition to presenting my “legitimate” work, I’m also going to be linking to some of the fanfic I’ve written. I’m not ashamed of the fanfic I’ve written*. It helped teach my way of telling a story. That said, there are no plans for any of my fanfic to be hosted here…just linked to other sites. While a tenuous distinction, I feel that it allows this site a bit more focus if my writing “recreations” are elsewhere.

I hope that this site will grow into a vibrant place where I can post posts regarding works from the ephemeral to the sublime. There are so many ways this could grow, I probably haven’t imagined a tenth of them. Still, every voyage must have a beginning. This is ours. Let’s see where it takes us.

* I better not be. The ‘net has a long and persistent memory. I couldn’t hide if I wanted to.

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