QSS Measurement Standards, Part 7: Serees Measures

While the Standards Convention of Gom established a common system of measures, none of the participants were bound to use these standards locally — though most did to varying degrees. Serees chose to adopt the standards, but maintained those that related directly to their planetary system.


Basis: Base-8 (octal)


The computation of years is complicated by the orbital dynamics of the Serees/Bailera pair. Every 201.510 Serees years, the planets change orbits, and due to this, the number of days in a sidereal year.

The mean sidereal year is used as a standard for conversion. This period is 263.3110 DaysSerees long (approximately 38010 DaysEarth).

Days on Serees are divided into 108 hours (810) of 1008 minutes (6410) and 1008 seconds (6410). One HourSerees equals about 4.3310 HourEarth. One MinuteSerees equals about 4.0610 MinutesEarth. One SecondSerees equals about 3.810 SecondsEarth.

Baileriat – the period between closest approach of Serees and Bailera in the same orbital configuration ~= 301.53178 yearsSerees.

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