How Big is the Declaration of Independence?

doisizecomp-800The foundation of my current art project is the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Since art requires some effort, instead of simply getting a print, I wrote it all out myself — in the same hand (font), lines starting and stopping in the same places, and at as close to actual size as research would reveal. Actually, I added a little margin space, but it’s not noticeably significant.

Since most people never see the actual document or the full-sized engraving, the attached photo pretty much shows what it looks like (with 175 cm me in my untucked, slightly billowing art shirt as a comparison). The board curved a little on the impromptu stand, so it looks a little skewed — sorry about that.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention — the actual size of the actual document is actually 24¼ by 29¾ inches (61.6 x 75.5 cm).

UPDATE 2: Here’s a link to the finished piece: Lapsed Vigilance — Sword vs Pen

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