Back Under One Roof

morgueFile - DSCN1044 800A while back I split my creative site into separate art and writing sites. You may have noticed that I’ve merged them back together. It’s nice to have everything back under one roof.

At the time, it seemed like splitting the site was a good idea. Each would be able to cater to their specific audiences. Unfortunately, I tend to devote chunks of time to either one or the other: this is an art year; this is a novel-writing year; and so forth. As a result, one site or the other would be sorely neglected for unacceptably long stretches. Then, as a result of doing Lapsed Vigilance, I got back into doing some calligraphy — but where the heck is that supposed to go? Writing? Art?

Basically, things came to a head and begged for me to put everything back to one-stop surfing. So I built a new site and moved everything over. Once I’m confident everything’s working, I’ll start putting redirects on the old sites/posts/pages to funnel everyone over to the new site.

There is still some work to be done. I’d like to put in a section of links to the wares of my writer and artist friends and acquaintances. There also some e-commerce stuff to do, but I may just leave much of that to my Etsy store and just link to it.

In any case, welcome to the new digs. Feel free to wander around.

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