Android Me Inching Closer

AM Coming Soon 360wA quick update on Android Me. The latest draft of the novel is now in the realm of the readers.

My expectation is that this is the last distribution before I hunker down to the publishing side of things. This means committing to a cover design, and then typesetting the manuscript. This is the part of the process that, while not nearly as bad as editing is, can be tedious. Every ebook seems to want its own format to look all spiffy, and the trade paperback needs even more hands-on care. Basically it means that I have to scan through the book several more times before I’m done. (This underscores my advice that you better like what you write because you’re going to be reading it a lot.)

While I love that we live in an age where independent publishing is pretty much the norm, I sort of get annoyed with the having to do so much of the detail stuff. It’s time-consuming and sometimes tedious. On the major plus side, though, you get to have control of how the final product looks.

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