CJCS Video: CJ Roundhand Writing Demo

After I posted a popular video on how to Improve Your Cursive Handwriting, I got a number of comments asking for a sample page of my everyday writing script, so I created a video for what I call CJ Roundhand. Well, it seems that folks actually wanted to see me write with it. And so, here is a video of CJ writing in CJ Roundhand. It’s not the most pristine writing I do, given that I couldn’t hunch over the paper and had a camera in my way, but it’s close enough.

Since this is a FAQ, here’s a list of the pens used in the video:
– Pilot Metropolitan M (silver zigzag), Noodler’s Black ink.
– Pilot Prera (clear demonstator body) with an EF nib taken from a Pilot Penmanship, Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa ink
– Pilot Metropolitan F (gold), Noodler’s Brown ink.

Paper: Rhodia #18 (A4) lined (7 mm) with margin

0:00 – Intro & Titles
0:45 – 2x Oversize minuscules
2:34 – 2x Oversize majuscules
3:44 – Emphasized minuscules
4:26 – Majuscules & numbers
5:33 – Pangrams
7:55 – Title case list
10:29 – Credits

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