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ABOUT CJ’s Creative Studio

I’ve owned the cjcs.com domain since 1997*. It was created to provide a web presence to “CJ Creative Services”. For the most part, it was oriented to providing a little bit of info on my art and writing, but was mostly geared to marketing my services for building websites as well as computer consulting.

Well, the years have rolled on. After over thirty years of doing the “computer thing”, I decided that I wanted to change direction to where my professional passions have evolved. Since that was in writing, and increasingly into fine arts, I thought it was time to let cjcs.com have a rebirth as the home of “CJ’s Creative Studio”. (Gee…wasn’t that clever how I didn’t have to change the domain name to fit?)

The CJCS web presence itself has also evolved. It started as a one-stop-shopping place for both my art and writing. It then split into two sites as I thought each specialty might be better served by being the sole focus. Unfortunately that also meant that whichever field I was concentrating on for a protracted period meant the other site would be neglected. Add in calligraphy — which is both art and writing — and I couldn’t justify two different sites, so they were merged back together.

* Point of trivia, it was registered around the time of the issuance of the 1,000,000th domain (or .com domain — the source was a little fuzzy there). I think it was a little over that, but in the general period.

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