Karjittle-blast 2016-10-23T22:20:18+00:00

Sometimes, when you write blog posts, you want to do something a little different. As a result, for a blog I wrote about oil and its limited supply, I chose to write in anapestic tetrameter–otherwise known as the poetic meter of Dr. Seuss.

If you are going to write something in the style of Dr. Seuss, you need an illustration. Since the “Karjittle-blast” was a featured element of the post, I chose that as the target. I first sketched out a few rough ideas on paper before dropping into Photoshop to build and refine on the idea. I wanted an image that was recognizably Seussian without actually copying anything he’d done (at least, I don’t think so). The result was sort of Seuss with a little Rube Goldberg tossed in for amusement as it seemed the most sensible way, I’m sure you’ll agree, of fueling the engine from the tank filled with perks of Oolg.

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