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I wrote the short story,The Christmas Eve Story, as a present to some beloved family members. At first, due to time constraints and my hands not being healed for some serious RSI issues, I wasn’t going to illustrate it. But finding myself with a pocket of time in hand, and a desire to actually see some pictures in the story, I set out to making them as efficiently as I could: using a computer.

I decided from the beginning that I would adopt a style that was reminiscent of the sorts of illustrations I enjoyed in one of the children’s book series I had as a child. This, of course, sort of merged with my own drawing style, but what are you gonna do?

Most of the images were done in Painter using a tablet. This provided a very natural way of expressing the images without imposing much unfamiliarity. Drawing is drawing, regardless of the medium (more or less). Overall, I was pleased with the results. Except for a few places where some computer-generated smooth shading was employed, the results look like I had done them using traditional media.

As for the meaning of the images themselves…well, you can always just order the book from  Amazon:

The Christmas Eve Story
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