Paint Tests Done – I Choose…

Knowing that I'd need to switch from airbrushing my paints to using a hairy stick, I've been trying out a variety of mediums and whatnot to find one that I could live with. After several [...]

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Art Refocus

It's not hard to notice I haven't produced a lot of new art in the last couple of years. Between writing projects and an annoying illness, there really wasn't room to squeeze in art at [...]

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Trying Out New Mediums

When I commit art, I've pretty much used airbrush acrylic or scratchboard as my mediums of choice. While I love both of them, when I want to do painting, my airbrush situation is far from idea. [...]

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Theme Updating

I'm currently in the process of changing this site's theme. I didn't tend to every page, so some might be a little wonky for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

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