First-time Quill Experience

I had never used a quill pen. Despite having dabbled and practiced with calligraphy since I was a teen some mumblemumble years ago, my experience was pretty much limited to dip pens with metal nibs and [...]

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CJCS Video: CJ Roundhand Writing Demo

After I posted a popular video on how to Improve Your Cursive Handwriting, I got a number of comments asking for a sample page of my everyday writing script, so I created a video for [...]

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Android Me On Sale

"The time has come," our CJ said, "To talk of publishment: Of tales, and sales, and tech travails, Of books, both e- and print..." It's time, folks. Android Me is now officially available for sale. For now, [...]

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My Fountain Penning Daily Lineup

I like writing with fountain pens — which I’ve written about before. I like the old-school quality that makes me feel connected to a nib & ink tradition that spans millennia. I like the variety of inks. I like that the ease of writing means a carpal tunnel flair-up is less likely than with other types of pens, pencils, and even keyboards. On the various social networks, I’m sometimes asked what I use (especially when I do videos). As you can imagine, what I use varies quite a bit, but I do have my everyday items as well as my go-tos that for one reason or another aren’t quite in the everyday category.

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