Paint Tests Done – I Choose…

Knowing that I'd need to switch from airbrushing my paints to using a hairy stick, I've been trying out a variety of mediums and whatnot to find one that I could live with. After several [...]

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Art Refocus

It's not hard to notice I haven't produced a lot of new art in the last couple of years. Between writing projects and an annoying illness, there really wasn't room to squeeze in art at [...]

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Trying Out New Mediums

When I commit art, I've pretty much used airbrush acrylic or scratchboard as my mediums of choice. While I love both of them, when I want to do painting, my airbrush situation is far from idea. [...]

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A Scratchy Intermission

First, an update with Android Me. I'm still in the midst of what I hope to be the final significant edit. Movement on that has been on hold for a few weeks as my brain was [...]

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Itching to Scratch

When I start scratch-doodling, that can only mean that some serious scratchwork is bound to occur...probably when you aren't expecting it. It just lies in wait, waiting to pounce. (And to the five people who [...]

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