Great Document Equals PITA Art

For a bit over a year I've been building up to committing a new piece of art. The main component is the recognizable, engrossed (calligraphy) version of the Declaration of Independence. While many would have [...]

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I started work on a 660 x 787 mm (26" x 31") piece that has a very big calligraphic element to it. I've spent many, many months practicing the variety of styles. I've worked out [...]

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InArCreMo – Crashed and Burned

This is something I tried and it didn't quite turn out as well as I'd hoped. These are the forum posts of the attempt. Forum post on October 31, 2011: A popular activity in November [...]

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F-1 Firing Finished

Some images stick in your head from the moment you see them. One of these for me was seeing the awesome power of the burning fuel exiting the engines of a Saturn V rocket during lift-off.

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Finished Four Ristras

Finished work on the latest hunk of art. With "Four Ristras", the underpainting was done with acrylics and a "hairy stick" while most of the refinement was done by shooting acrylics with an airbrush. I'd actually started out

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