Dupli-Color Clear Top Coat Change

Like many other airbrushers who don't have a spray booth or easy access to uro clears, I resort to "rattle can" options (i.e. spray cans) on those occasions when I need a finished piece--especially flexible [...]

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“Arachne Reborn” Is Finished

The current work, Arachne Reborn, is now finished and signed (when I sign a work, I consider it done). Right now it's in the process of getting its coats of varnish. Once that is done, [...]

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Reimagining My Easel Backing Board

Because of the famously bad batch of frisket that has permeated the market for the past few years, airbrush artists have been trying to find ways to mask their works. The trick is: how to get masks to stay in place if you work on an easel? My preferred method is to hold them in place using strong magnets. To that end, I need to use a sheet of steel on my easel behind the boards I'm painting.

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Vellum For Airbrush Masks and Shields

One aspect of airbrushing that adds an element of difficulty peculiar to the discipline is the use of masks and shields. These spray obstructions are important tools in the shaping of crisp artwork. When you [...]

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Cameron’s Bad Day II Finished

As I mentioned in Once Again With Cameron, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the final product. It was definitely a good effort for the first real art being committed with intent for over a year, [...]

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