The First Raptor Dusk Study Done

The next step in getting back into the art swing. The first airbrush piece, a study of Raptor Dusk, got done. I haven't really airbrushed much of anything for a while, so it was nice [...]

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Digital vs Natural

As we are now in the third millennium of the Common Era, a 2-d artist often faces an interesting problem: should ey* work in natural, "traditional" media, or work in the digital realm? It's not [...]

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Doing More

4/15/09 - Been working on Stolen Moment. Updated in-process photo, soon. Have had a couple of small private art projects in the past couple of weeks that have slowed down my progress on Stolen Moment [...]

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Swallowtail Juggling

I've had to interrupt my work on "Stolen Moment" to work on a commission of a butterfly. I'm not a big fan of having to suspend one work for another, but you do what you [...]

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Stolen Moment Started

10/23/08 - The painting that has been in-progress for well over a year is now started. The board is on the easel and the sketch has been made. Now all I have to do is [...]

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