Prepping Stolen Moment

10/7/08 - The fun part of art, for me, is when I'm actually well on my way to making the image appear. The drudgery of artwork is getting to that point. Right now, I'm in [...]

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Akela Steps

While we wait for the work to get photographed so I can post it in the appropriate gallery, I've posted a small explanation and slideshow of how I did "Akela" (formerly "Gray Wolf I"). Just [...]

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New Easel Project – Gray Wolf 1

9/16/08 - As foretold, the Desert Landscape painting is now back in the cubby. What I'm currently working on (after a bit of a mishap that had just been waiting to happen) is a quick [...]

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How I Airbrushed “Musing Holly”

From beginning to end, how I painted a portrait using transparent paint techniques onto gessoboard using an airbrush and E'Tac paints. Text and photos.

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Desert Morning Landscape Revisited

Some of you who have been known to lurk on MySpace might remember this one from a while back: It was a practice piece on canvas of a desert landscape. After finishing Kenai Running I, [...]

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