Muse Music

Creatives are often asked the same sorts of questions. Some are ephemeral, some are practical, some are environmental, and so forth. For me, perhaps one of the dodgiest is one of the most common: what [...]

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DSLR Parallel Alignment Tool

The assembled and tested alignment tool. An on-going project of mine is to construct an inexpensive rig so I can use a DSLR with a decent lens to photograph artwork with high resolution. [...]

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The Craft and Art of Art

Value, hue, shade, shape, patience, practice, persistence, and knowing how to play with your medium(s). That's the craft. The art is the ability of the perpetrator to express and interpret their "vision" into something others [...]

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Blast From the Past

I was sorting through some stored old papers (like you do), and I came across this sketch I made when I was 17-ish back in 1979. The subject was Lindsay Wagner, who'd only recently finished [...]

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