The Photoshop CC Problem

Like many visually creative people, I use Photoshop. Not that there's a lot of choice in the matter; it is pretty much the only respected player in the game right now. It's annoying, then, that Adobe has thrown out a dubious marketing structure with its new "Creative Cloud".

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Great Document Equals PITA Art

For a bit over a year I've been building up to committing a new piece of art. The main component is the recognizable, engrossed (calligraphy) version of the Declaration of Independence. While many would have [...]

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I started work on a 660 x 787 mm (26" x 31") piece that has a very big calligraphic element to it. I've spent many, many months practicing the variety of styles. I've worked out [...]

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New Art A’comin’

We've turned the page to another year and with that there is always the hope that art will soon bloom anew. I have several WIPs (work in progress) in place as the new year begins. [...]

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It’s Hot In Here; Must Be….

Like many artists, I don't exactly get to work in luxurious surroundings all the time. Unfortunately, because of the occasional mess and odors from the materials used (and a lack of extra rooms in my house), airbrushing is relegated to a generous part of the garage on a custom-built mobile platform. This means that I'm at the mercy of the temperature gods.

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