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Changed Paint Brand/Line (again)

A while back, in Paint Tests Done -- I Choose..., I wrote about my decision to go with Atelier Interactive paints for my brushed acrylic needs. With many paintings under my belt with those paints, I [...]

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Theme Updating

I'm currently in the process of changing this site's theme. I didn't tend to every page, so some might be a little wonky for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

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Links Fixed

I noticed that one of the regular updates managed to break some of the links on my artwork page. I've gone through and corrected (hopefully) all of the ones that glitched. My apologies for any [...]

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Back Under One Roof

A while back I split my creative site into separate art and writing sites. You may have noticed that I've merged them back together. It's nice to have everything back under one roof. At the [...]

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Updated SG Pics

I finally had a chance to update the photos for the Summer Glau works that were waiting for them.

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Theme Change

I've changed over to a new theme I've written. Visually, it's very similar to the theme I've been running, but under the hood are a lot of improvements. A lot. For the most part, you won't see them, but they are already making my life much easier.

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