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Welcome to the New Site

It seems I've gone and created yet another website. I made this site for two reasons: 1) to bring together all my various writing threads and interests; and 2) have

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The Quiet Spell

Not long after I started my InArCreMo project, I sort of disappeared from my sites and severely decreased my social networking in general. This post is about the why of it. First, a little history. [...]

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QSS Measurement Standards, Part 7: Serees Measures

The Standards Convention of Gom met to decide and agree on standards for international trade and diplomacy. The negotiations lasted for the equivalent of thirty-two Earth years, but successfully created common frames of reference. Even so, each system maintained certain local standards. Such is the case on Serees.

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Paging Fixed, Search Still Notsomuch

I noticed the other day that trying to page from the home page kept you on the same home page. That's been tweaked so that it now paginates. All attempts to get rid of the [...]

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Still Tweaking, But I Think We’re Mostly There

Except for some behind-the-scenes stuff I'm still tweaking, I think the move/upgrade is pretty much done. It's a nice improvement over that hurried theme I slapped on during last year's web-host migration. When time allows, [...]

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Changes Afoot

As you can see, I'm in the midst of the long-promised update. True, Wordpress 3.0 is still in beta, so that might result in some weirdness from time-to-time as it approaches the official release. Even [...]

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