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Website Update Drawing Nigh

I'm excited. Time is finally freeing up so that I can focus on the website redesign. I'm hopeful that I can subsequently focus on actually producing new works to post here so that you'll want [...]

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Comment Weirdness

This theme is doing unexpected things to comments. Even I am having trouble finding them sometimes. I need to update as soon as I'm able to devote the time to it. The current plan is [...]

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TIB is Down (No…Now It’s Back Up!)

For those coming by this site because my TIB site is down--it's generating a "500 Internal Server Error" when you try to access it--I'm aware of it and I'm working to restore it. It began [...]

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Gallery is Now Available

It might not yet be everything that I'd like, but the most important goal of getting the gallery back up has been attained. Yay! Next stop... updating the look of the site theme.

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Slowly But Surely

I believe I have all the pics in the blog articles uploaded and sized. I'll next be working on getting the gallery together. After that, I'll dive in and tackle the much-needed site redesign. We're [...]

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The Big Re-do

I'm in the process of repopulating and redesigning this site. Instead of using a gallery plugin to manage the images, I'm going back to basics and just putting things in by hand. A consequence of [...]

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