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Back Online

On September 7, a series of events forced me to unexpectedly move my web sites to a new web host. I've been prioritizing based on the average traffic each site receives. Obviously, CJ's Creative Studio [...]

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07/05/09 - OK. I goofed. As I was trying to fix a problem I was having with the T I B site a week ago, I took the CJCS web site down do eliminate that [...]

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Slow on the Update

3/25/09 - I've been slow on the updates and I'm sorry about that. As some of you know, I have to devote a fair amount of time writing new stuff for the blog. The rest [...]

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Crossed Fingers

10/29/08 - Well, the store is online. I'm pretty sure everything works, but please be prepared for a glitch or two along the way. I'll correct them as quickly as I'm able. Now I get [...]

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Any Time, Now

10/28/08 - The Store is assembled and the tests are yielding good results. It's not all perfect, yet, but it's just about ready for prime time. I'm just hoping the growing pains won't be very [...]

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Almost…. almost…

10/25/2008 - The store was up for a wee bit. I wasn't 100% happy with how it was talking to PayPal, and the shipping settings were a little wonked up, so I took it down [...]

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