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Really and Truly: Store Opening Soon

10/23/08 - As with most sites that want to do e-commerce, the toughest part is the store. It certainly has been here. I come within days of putting it online and then it becomes obvious [...]

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Gallery Updated

9/26/08 - The gallery has been significantly updated. Now you will see thumbnails to the various images. Although some of the thumbnail positioning is sometimes wonky, it all works and I think makes the artworks [...]

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Current Status

9/23/08 - The site is coming along. Right now I'm working on upgrading the gallery area. The software seems to work as advertised, but I still have to tweak some of the settings to get [...]

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Working on eCommerce

09/15/08 - Just so you know, I'm still working on getting the buying part up. I've been trying to find something elegant, and thought I'd found the solution, but after playing with it for a [...]

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But I Don’t Wanna Rewrite!

Rewriting is a pain in the arse. There's no getting around it. It's time-consuming and often tedious. When you're rewriting yourself, it's even more difficult. Still, this is a huge part of the craft of writing. All writers have to become good at it.

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