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I’ll try to keep this short and easy.


Everything I post here that can reasonably be assumed to be my work—and the works themselves—is copyrighted, all rights reserved, etc. This is important to those of you considering buying images as I will still retain copyright (as do most artists, many just don’t tell you).

All material posted here (creative writing, blog articles, images, artwork, and so forth) may NOT be reposted, reproduced, or copied in any form without my express WRITTEN permission. That said, I do grant permission for you to use the digital forms of the images for non-commercial purposes (e.g. wallpapers, your own files, linkable images, etc.); this does not include permission to make prints or products (T-shirts, mugs, caps, etc.) derived from these images.

Links to this site, as well as live feeds from this site, are considered to be acceptable methods of connecting with this site’s contents.

If in doubt, ask…no guarantees, but I’m generally pretty easy about these things if you ask FIRST (unless you are really unlucky and get me in the middle of the very rare bad mood).

Outside works posted here are reasonably assumed by me to be available according to the rights granted by their owner. That said, the Internet is a big place and it’s easy for a work and its associated rights to be misrepresented despite due diligence.


Basically the only information from you that I retain on this site is your email address and/or website when you become a member or subscriber. While all attempts are made to keep it private, I can’t guarantee that this site will never be hacked and that information found out.

Your information retained here will not be sold or otherwise revealed to other parties; the only exception to that might be if the site is purchased in whole by another entity (yeah, like that’s going to happen).

Whatever information you choose to give in your comments for all to see…well, that’s up to you.


Please be aware that I do moderate comments. Spam (including suspected spam) and trolling are deleted without warning and the users may be blocked from the system, also without warning. I will end unproductive threads especially if they spawn ad hominem attacks. I also reserve the right to mildly edit a post’s text for an excess of vulgar or profane comments as well as to mask spoiler content (if this cannot be done without materially altering the substance of the text, I will contact the author).

For the most part, I stay out of it and expect visitors to behave as civil adults. It’s only when things threaten to get out of hand or otherwise cross a line (judge solely by me) will I intervene. I don’t mind contrary opinions, just keep it civil.

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