Android Me Inching Closer

A quick update on Android Me. The latest draft of the novel is now in the realm of the readers. My expectation is that this is the last distribution before I hunker down to the publishing [...]

A Scratchy Intermission

First, an update with Android Me. I'm still in the midst of what I hope to be the final significant edit. Movement on that has been on hold for a few weeks as my brain was [...]

Modern Emoticons in Legacy Punctuation

(Posted on TIB) I like emoticons. That’s no secret. I think at least the basic ones add useful clarity to communication as well as a little welcome whimsy. The problem here lies not with emoticon haters, but punctuation.

The Embrace of Editing

I always dread editing. I cower from it like it is the tar-like offal of Hell -- so vile that even the Dark One cringes when it gets on eir shoes -- about to douse [...]

Links Fixed

I noticed that one of the regular updates managed to break some of the links on my artwork page. I've gone through and corrected (hopefully) all of the ones that glitched. My apologies for any [...]