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Android Me Read-aloud-through

Android Me is in the home stretch before typesetting. I'm currently doing the read-aloud-through, which is like a read-through except I,  you know, do it out loud. Think of it as an audio book but [...]

Android Me Inching Closer

A quick update on Android Me. The latest draft of the novel is now in the realm of the readers. My expectation is that this is the last distribution before I hunker down to the publishing [...]

A Scratchy Intermission

First, an update with Android Me. I'm still in the midst of what I hope to be the final significant edit. Movement on that has been on hold for a few weeks as my brain was [...]

Modern Emoticons in Legacy Punctuation

(Posted on TIB) I like emoticons. That’s no secret. I think at least the basic ones add useful clarity to communication as well as a little welcome whimsy. The problem here lies not with emoticon haters, but punctuation.

The Embrace of Editing

I always dread editing. I cower from it like it is the tar-like offal of Hell -- so vile that even the Dark One cringes when it gets on eir shoes -- about to douse [...]