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Links Fixed

I noticed that one of the regular updates managed to break some of the links on my artwork page. I've gone through and corrected (hopefully) all of the ones that glitched. My apologies for any [...]

Itching to Scratch

When I start scratch-doodling, that can only mean that some serious scratchwork is bound to occur...probably when you aren't expecting it. It just lies in wait, waiting to pounce. (And to the five people who [...]

Muse Music

Creatives are often asked the same sorts of questions. Some are ephemeral, some are practical, some are environmental, and so forth. For me, perhaps one of the dodgiest is one of the most common: what [...]

Apica Premium CD B5 Notebook

I'm very picky when it comes to notebooks. Once I renewed my acquaintance with fountain pens (and their liquid ink), I became pickier still. I want what I want. To date, no notebook has met [...]