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Below is a list of fan fiction (fanfic) I’ve written over the years. A lot of authors (ones you’ve heard of) have written fanfic…after all, they are no less fans of stories than anyone else. For a variety of reasons, they don’t usually publicly own up to this little hobby.

With as persistent a memory as the Internet has, combined with the fact that the foundation of my fan-base (for whom I’m most grateful) comes from the fanfic I’ve written, I will own up to being a contributor. My fanfic isn’t anything salacious or evocative of “Rule 34“, so I have no thematic need to hide these wares. The fact is, the prose ones were very useful tools in teaching me how to write something other than screenplays.

I will caution you that, because they are fanfic, some/most of these pieces haven’t gone through the same sort of editorial cleansing that something meant to be published has. As I said, many of these were learning tools for me that I was happy to share with the appropriate fandom. These are listed in series order and in order within each series.

Highlander (the series)

Two Left
(short) Inside Duncan MacLeod’s head during a quickening. (My first attempt at writing something other than scripts.)
Is There Something You Want to Tell Me?
(short) Duncan and Tess start seeing each other — and Tess learns about Duncan.

Xena – Warrior Princess

(1-hr teleplay): Xena and Gabrielle must match wits against Aphrodite and her minions to prevent the sacking of a town.
A Tale of Terreis and Ephiny
(short) Two young Amazons set out to prove themselves in an unforgiving world. (The version done “live” in an on-line chat.)
Risks of Trust and Honor
(short) Two young Amazons set out to prove themselves in an unforgiving world. (The polished extended version of the original “A Tale of Terreis and Ephiny”.)
Scroll 73
(short-short) A student of Gabrielle’s chronicles the Amazon Queen saying good-bye to her friend.
Visit to an Ancient World
(novel draft) An actress on a fantasy show set in ancient Greece finds herself trapped in a world of legend, violence, and Gods…that is actually in ancient Greece. She must use her wits for a chance to return home.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The Connor Wars
(27 1-hr teleplays + 1 screenplay): A 22-episode season 3 and a 5-episode season 4 plus a 2-hour finale of the story about John Connor and his attempt to prevent Skynet from taking over the world — starting from the end of the TSCC season 2 finale. (Also some extra scripts just for fun.)
Currently, this takes you over to the blog where I originally posted them. In all likelihood, I’ll be moving them here before too long.


F0501 Random Scenes and Sequences
(teleplay snippets) Following the season 4 finale, I had to write down some scenes for the first episode of the fifth season (specifically concerning Beckett and Castle) to clear my head.
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