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Amilyn Marx is no ordinary android. She thinks. She plans. She endures.

AM-1L-YN lives in a world where an android that is anything more than an appliance or helpful tool is an android that will soon be on the scrapheap. After hundreds of lives were lost in a tragedy many years before, laws were passed to ensure that machines would stay under the control of humans.

The world of Android Me isn’t far removed from the modern day except that corporations have largely taken over the responsibilities once reserved only to governments. After the Global Economic Collapse, it was the only way to stabilize the economies across the globe. Cortel, the largest of the large, has grown comfortable making sure the world runs smoothly. Problems that arise are quickly dealt with — if not by them, then by their smaller partners/competitors.

And then Amilyn came along.

Her growing desire for independence and freedom propels this story across the United States and around the world. Whether in boardrooms or on battlefields, the world’s first sentient android is determined to be heard…or die trying.

Android Me is the newest novel by CJ Carter. It’s action-packed but also considers the problems that arise when machines can think for themselves — not just from a human perspective, but from the machines as well.

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