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With the exception of one script that posted as fanfic, the list below is informational only. To the best of my knowledge, none have been produced — even the ones that were optioned. (Many of these were marketed by a cadre of my ex-agents, almost none of whom spilled much in the way of beans to me.) Don’t expect links as some may re-enter the market in some form in the future. Listed in completion-date order.

(screenplay – sf/action/drama) My first serious writing attempt. An AI computer scientist finds herself enmeshed in intrigue when she moves her lab to a dolphin research center.
Carved in Stone
(screenplay – drama) A sculptor is given help by a Hellenic Goddess as he tries to realize his artistic vision.
Star Trek: TNG – “Proper False”
(teleplay – sf) 1-hour
Star Trek: TNG – “”
(teleplay – sf)
[I’m going to have to dig in the archives to actually find the script to cite it — it’s disappeared from my computer. I’m not even sure of the exact order. – CJ] 1-hour
Consent of the People
(screenplay – action/drama) A group of American patriots stages a military coup in order to force a Constitutional Convention
(screenplay – fantasy/action) A woman recruited by both sides as one of the warrior angels in the celestial battle of the Apocalypse must make a tough choice whether to fight for Heaven or for Hell.
(short-subject – fantasy/drama) A dancer’s life and relationships change after she finds and reads a mysterious book. 25-minutes.
A Place For Missy
(screenplay – family drama) A loyal dog, separated from its owners, becomes the guide dog to a young blind woman. A tragic accident forces the dog to choose between this woman’s needs and the love of a child.
Maid Maleen
(screenplay – family/action/comedy) A spirited princess imprisoned by her father to separate her from her love escapes to reunite with her prince…only to find him duty-bound to wed an evil princess.
Xena: Warrior Princes – “Agape”
(teleplay – fantasy) Xena must battle the team of Draco and Aphrodite. (Spec script released as fanfic.)
Amazon Spirit
(teleplay/pilot – fantasy) A wheelchair-bound teen changes realities with a mythological Amazon warrior whenever she sleeps. 1-hour
Life’s Funner at the Beach
(screenplay – family/comedy/musical) An unabashed homage to the beach movies of the 1960s but with a contemporary sensibility.

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