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I’ve come into fiction from a different direction than most — I started writing scripts and only later turned to writing the more conventional prose. My preferred genre is science fiction, though I spread my wings into others as the story warrants.

Many of these stories were written when the only professional avenue was traditional print publication. Times change. Authors now have a lot more control. As I make more of my back-catalog available, the links to those titles will become live.

Novels & Novellas

Que Será Serees
(novel – sf/action) An invasion driven by both security and commerce forces a government negotiator to take up arms in an attempt to prevent the planet’s subjugation by aliens.
Android Me
(novel – sf/action) The world’s first sentient android uses her skill and cunning to survive being the world’s first sentient android.

Short Stories & Novelettes

One Perfect Day
(short – sf) A scientist is about to show the world his invention…and hopes to then get the girl.
Rescued For Life
(short – sf) A spacesuit, with a pathological sense of purpose, is determined to keep its human occupant alive.
Shard Lives
(short – fantasy) Specters from the past appear when photos of them are repaired.
tis Better To…
(short – fantasy) Another cautionary tale of being very careful about what you wish for.
The Christmas Eve Story
(short – family/fantasy/drama) Two girls set out to see if the legend of animals talking on Christmas Eve is true…but find themselves caught in the middle of a blizzard.

Short-shorts & Flash

What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?
(short -family/fantasy) A little girl dreams the future.
Nano Cogito
(short-short – sf) Computers become sentient all the time, it’s just that no one notices.
The Unex Project Report
(short-short – sf) Probes sent out to search for life in the universe report back.
Nobody’s a Critic
(short-short – sf) Pay attention to those EULAs.
A Conversation in the Park
(short-short – family) Faith is often relative.
Beauty of the Moon
(short-short – sf) The gravity of consequences.
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